Crop circles – Instructions for use


Luciano Gasparini

2017, ©Michael Edizioni – Pagine: 152 – ISBN 978-88-96913-53-6

Very few researchers have had the same chance as Gasparini to get information directly from the “source”. The result does not only derive from his fieldwork but it also witnesses the numerous connections he would have established with the so-called “Beings of the Light”, or rather those extraterrestrial creatures communicating with us by means of crop circles.
Thanks to the spiritual and bio-therapist Maria Morganti, dead in 2011, the author has got telepathic messages for ages; beings such as Rhaam and Neuronice would have revealed him the deep meaning of the symbols of pictograms as well as, since 2002, the appearance of crop circles in Italy from the following year, as it really happened.
“These drawings are alive, they come from above-average minds or the so-called Molecola Pensante”, says Gasparini “and they offer us the opportunity to get into different dimensions, shapes of harmony, energy and material”. Beyond any kind of interpretation, which can be more or less rational, the aim of crop circles is to achieve the observer’s eye in a sharp and invisible way, through shaping waves and archetypes. It’s like a “symbolic contamination”; if we just observe the symbol of a pictogram, this comes into our conscience like a seed and since then it activates the memories it has been created for.
Gasparini’s work let us make a trip beyond time and space, through a process that enables us to get in touch with those beings who would have lived the Earth thousand years ago and that nowadays help us in the evolutionary process of our conscience.

LUCIANO GASPARINI, was born in 1963 in Mirano, in the province of Venice, Italy, where he currently resides. He is a researcher of Circle Symbology: the famous crop circles.
He is the first researcher in the world to develop, with the help of the Beings of Light, a real CAH: a Circle Alphabetical Handbook, that provides a new key for interpretation, not a rule of absolute truth, but for its uniqueness, offering a precise and comprehensive methodology for decoding this wonderful and sacred language of Heaven.
Luciano Gasparini is a Master of Taekwon-do ITF, and his knowledge of this martial art has allowed him to develop methods of meditative concentration.
He is a qualified biotherapist, gaining his diploma at the Institute of Scientific Research and Application of Bio-Radiant Energy of Milan, founded by prof. Arnaldo Zanatta. President of the NGO “A New Hope”.


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