Vibrazione Angelica ENG


Sonia Versace

2014, ©Michael Edizioni – p. 120

“I come to you through this writing to relieve you of the heavy baggage that the person of light carries on his shoulders. Many have been completely transformed, allowing man to feel and act better. Many, today, are ready to raise the levels of their lives. You are driven to perform actions that refine your divine entity and make it shine. You viscerally feel the impulse towards a world of light and abundance. Despite the grayness that life sometimes brings, you feel you have a treasure to find. The energy of abundance wants to become part of you is yearning to be lived.
It is desirable for everybody to have an encounter with abundance but you must start from the basics in order to understand the truth about yourself. Understanding each aspect of your life is a daunting task but not an impossible one. The instruments that one needs to use are listening and truth. Deep in your heart you must be absolutely true.
Every creature is unique for me, so I ask you to have a meditative approach while reading this book. My communication will be absolutely direct and I will guide you in opening the doors that obstruct the free flow of divine energy.
I will talk to you heart to heart and I will try to take you deeply into your consciousness. The very fact that you chose this book is a sign of your first act of listening. You have heard the angelic vibration beckon and we have answered the call.
The journey starts now. You knocked on the celestial door and we have responded by letting you in.
My words will work by vibrations and each ‘One’ of you will experience personal evolution. Some concepts will appear generic but the hidden transformative power that lies behind the words will change your vision. Steadily, knowledge will open up to you and will bring light and joy in your life.
Therefore, listen! Have faith in yourself and in your feelings. I tell you that you are Divine Princes and this is why you can now listen to the words of Truth.
I will wrap you in light and will sustain you in this celestial adventure”.



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